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How Should Beginners Use the WordPress Platform?

The WordPress platform is a popular one, and used by many bloggers and website owners. It has always been easy to use the WP platform. As a beginner to this platform, you have to take various things in consideration. Using the following tips can be helpful for you to ensure success for your WP blogs or website, and observe results quicker.

Use the sidebar

You might find your side bar being stuffed with many things, such as tweets, photos, advertisements and social media links. It is important to incorporate helpful links that you would like your visitors to click on. You have to enter the Widgets and Appearance tab, and get rid of almost all the things other than the widgets that can be actually useful for you.

Have a more accessible library

You must convert your media library into a space that is more accessible and organized. You have to develop an integrated folder where all your media can be actually kept in. This will help you to simply search an important file by keyword and have it pop out in the results box.

Remove all the permanent links

You have to work a lot in order to develop interesting content for your site or blog. You can learn quite a few SEO basics, and use the pre-built permalink field as well that is offered by WordPress. It will let you revise all the links prior to going ahead actually and having them published.

Maximize the impact of your title and targeted descriptions

While sharing your posts and pages on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, such types of services can easily choose a title and page description that can suit the link that you share. The title and description are two of the most vital tests on the page. If you want to get more control over what are displayed in the results, you have to use SEO tactics for editing the page title and description.

Optimize images for the search engines

Images can add beauty to the pages in your WordPress blog or website, and make them interesting as well. However, you can also optimize images for the search engines. Every time you upload an image to your blog or site, you can use suitable keywords in the image title and alternate text fields in order to optimize it for the search engines. You should describe each image in a descriptive but precise form with the help of the most accurate keywords.

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Most people using WordPress do not really get the distinction between creating a custom WordPress theme and customizing an existing one. If you fall in this category, there’s no need to be hard on yourself. You, like most users, are basically focused on anything that just makes your site run smoothly and that’s just fine, but more knowledge doesn’t hurt though. So, what’s the difference?

Custom WordPress Theme

The key actor here is the graphic designer. The graphic designer is not just not just some guy who can move stuff around on WordPress, but someone officially trained in a college or qualified institution, in the art of design.

When creating a custom WordPress website theme, the designer starts from scratch (an empty slate) and works his way up, until the perfectly “unique” theme, that suits the requester is created. To do this, the designer will interact with the requester, to know about their business, company or goals (if it’s not for business) and utilize all those parameters in selecting the right colour combinations, font sizes, layout and all the tiny details in the design of such a website.

Of course, when such a theme design is complete, it is completely unique. It’s not a duplicate or variation of another WordPress theme. This kind of theme or template is what is called the custom WordPress theme and it is far from the same as theme customization.

Theme Customization

When it comes to theme customizations, almost everybody can do this, even the very beginners. The moment you alter any feature on your WordPress template (be it text, graphics or layout), you’ve customized your theme, because it is no longer in the same exact format in which it came. However, there are still thousands (if not millions) of people world-wide who are still using the same theme, in their own customized formats as well, so it is not exactly unique to one particular individual or company.

Of course, when it comes to theme customizations, some guys are better than others. There are those who cannot conceive an idea from scratch, but once they see an existing idea, they can build it to perfection. Just like the custom theme designer, the customizer also utilizes the facts and figures from the requester to modify an existing theme to suit the particular purpose of the client. This is theme customization.

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Application Process Of WordPress In Content Management

The content writing on the websites has undergone a lot of changes, with the introduction of WordPress, which is actually free and open-source software that is used widely in content management system (CMS), a special computer application for writing digital contents easily, mainly when used by many users at a time. The operation of this software is mainly based on PHP, a special server-side scripting language and also on MySQL, an open-source relational database management system.

Application styles of WordPress in web development

  • A web template system is applied while using WordPress, with the utilization of a template processor, that is specially designed software for combining multiple templates, so that one or more documents can be produced as a result of this application.  This web development software of WordPress can be installed in any website, by downloading it from the internet and the size of this installation file is 20 MB.
  • Various themes can be applied, after the successful installation of WordPress in any website, which help in changing the appearance and the functionality of that website that is developed with this software. Each website with this software should be based on at least one theme. Each theme is technically designed with a properly structured PHP, functional HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that is a style sheet language, used for the presentation of a document in the website. There are many free themes provided in the website, from where WordPress can be downloaded. But the users of this software are free to use their own themes, for customizing the website, provided they have enough expertise to accomplish this task.
  • There are 40,501 Plugins available for installing in this software, which help the users to change the features and usefulness of any web content or blog in a website. Due to the use of these plugins in WordPress, the users can customize the website as per the special requirements of that site, resulting in the improvement of SEO ranking in the prominent search engines.
  • The integrated link management facility in a WordPress website can be applied, resulting in permalink structure that is easy to find and use, for the fast navigation to other related sites, as well as for displaying the required links on other sites. The developed web content can be made further SEO friendly, by marking definite categories for different subheadings. The automatic filters are provided for setting standard formatting of the web contents and also for writing the articles of the website in suitable styles.
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