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Most people using WordPress do not really get the distinction between creating a custom WordPress theme and customizing an existing one. If you fall in this category, there’s no need to be hard on yourself. You, like most users, are basically focused on anything that just makes your site run smoothly and that’s just fine, but more knowledge doesn’t hurt though. So, what’s the difference?

Custom WordPress Theme

The key actor here is the graphic designer. The graphic designer is not just not just some guy who can move stuff around on WordPress, but someone officially trained in a college or qualified institution, in the art of design.

When creating a custom WordPress website theme, the designer starts from scratch (an empty slate) and works his way up, until the perfectly “unique” theme, that suits the requester is created. To do this, the designer will interact with the requester, to know about their business, company or goals (if it’s not for business) and utilize all those parameters in selecting the right colour combinations, font sizes, layout and all the tiny details in the design of such a website.

Of course, when such a theme design is complete, it is completely unique. It’s not a duplicate or variation of another WordPress theme. This kind of theme or template is what is called the custom WordPress theme and it is far from the same as theme customization.

Theme Customization

When it comes to theme customizations, almost everybody can do this, even the very beginners. The moment you alter any feature on your WordPress template (be it text, graphics or layout), you’ve customized your theme, because it is no longer in the same exact format in which it came. However, there are still thousands (if not millions) of people world-wide who are still using the same theme, in their own customized formats as well, so it is not exactly unique to one particular individual or company.

Of course, when it comes to theme customizations, some guys are better than others. There are those who cannot conceive an idea from scratch, but once they see an existing idea, they can build it to perfection. Just like the custom theme designer, the customizer also utilizes the facts and figures from the requester to modify an existing theme to suit the particular purpose of the client. This is theme customization.

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